Sports venue opening hours during the summer vacation of 2018

1.From 6/30 to 9/9.


2.The general venue opening hours:
(1)  2018/7/2
8/31: 9:00AM17:00PM
9/7 : 08:30AM21:30PM
     Saturday and Sunday: not open.
(2) Starting from 9/3, the outdoor venue will be turned on until 21:30PM depending on the usage.
(3) The gymnasium, billiard room,
aerobics room and martial arts room are not open, but it can be applicate, and be used after approval.

3. Fitness center (membership system):
(1) Monday to Friday: 12:00AM ~ 17:00PM
Due to equipment maintenance, it will not be open in August.

4. After the school starts, all venues will resume normal opening hours.


Office of Physical Education